Slingshot Hunting Tips

SlingshotWell, today our team thought we’d share some cool slingshot hunting tips for enthusiasts who have just got into the game with their hunting slingshot as there’s no reliable beginners guide on the Internet. This guide is a no BS, straight to the point one that’s easy for anyone to understand. We’ve prepared this guide with great care and have managed to include all the basic slingshot hunting tips that’ll mold anyone with an interest into a good hunter. Keep in mind that these basic tips are vital to everyone who’s planning to start out in this game, so don’t hesitate to share this with anyone 🙂 Without much further ado, let’s get to it.

1. Study Your Target

This basically involves gathering knowledge about the prey you’re targeting. Know their movements, the kind of reaction you’d have to expect, their environment, their vital parts and basic stuff like that. Just to make sure everything will be as you expected.

2. Your Equipment

Undoubtedly, your slingshot and ammo plays a vital role in your slingshot hunting. There are plenty of choices out there in slingshots and you can choose the ammo according to your preference. That is, if you’re looking to penetrate your prey easily, use a light ammo and aim its vitals whereas use a heavy ammo to make an intense impact with the prey that’ll instantly knock it down. It’s totally upto you. If you’ve never owned a slingshot before,  try starting out with Trumark Folding Slingshot that’s perfect for beginners. If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks for the best experience go with The Scout which is the most loved and highly recommended slingshot by our team and a daily driver for thousands of people. We’re not covering the exact steps on using a slingshot for the first time. If you feel like you need something like that, you can refer to this article on Buzzle.

3. Familiarize Your Gear

Once you’ve picked up the right slingshot, just practice with the same slingshot you’ll be using for your hunting purposes. This goes for the ammo too. Understanding your equipment plays a huge role in building a successful hunter. If you practice with the same gear, it’ll be way more easy and your confidence level will skyrocket instead of using a brand new gear you bought especially for hunting purposes.

4. Practice First On a Stationary Target 

Before you set out to hunt down all those creatures you see, you better practice hard and figure out to hit what you intended to hit. Initially practice on stationary subjects from various distances and angles. If you’re not hitting the target much as you wanted, don’t get disappointed – everyone was a beginner once. Practice until you start to hit the stationary objects easily. This may take some time if you’re just starting out. But hey, we’re not quitters. Are we?

5. Your Target For Practice Starts Moving

Once you’ve perfected shooting at stationary objects, it’s time to step up your game. Now you’ll have to aim and fire at target that’s moving. This is the most important and difficult step you’ll have to master. Challenge friends and compete with them. Shoot from varying distances and angles just like you shot at a stationary subject, but this time the target will be more difficult to hit. After some smart work, you’ll begin to see the results. If you didn’t, just don’t give up. You’ll definitely achieve what you set out to achieve. Practice daily until you develop confidence in yourself.

Time To Set Out!

If you’ve followed all the above tips, now it’s time to bring out the hunter inside you. Set out with your gear and start hunting your prey. Within your first few shots fired, you’ll definitely hit your target prey. That’s the magic of a systematic practice. We hope you found the above slingshot hunting tips valuable. Enjoy!

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